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We've tested these top-rated Asus laptop charger replacement from 8,847 reviews of customers in December 2022, which we believe will be helpful for you when making the decision. The following are the Asus laptop charger replacement from well-known brands: Superer, Nicpower, Dexpt, Szgudulo, Lap pow, Sle-tech, Ryaobwu, Rolada, Slbagfsu.

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  • Fit for UX330 UX330U UX330UA UX330CA UX330C UX360 UX360C UX360U UX360UA UX360CA UX305F UX305FA UX305L UX305LA UX305C UX305CA UX305U UX305UA UX305 X541NA X541N X541S X541SA X541SC X541UA X541UV X541UJ X541U X541 F556 F556U F556UA F510UA F510U F510 Q504 Q504U Q504UA Q304 Q304U Q304UA Q303 Q303U Q303UA Q503 Q503U Q503UA Q405UA Q405U Q405 Q505UA Q505U Q505 Q553 Q553U Q552U Q553UB S510UQ S510UN S510UA S510UF S510UR S510U S510 TP412UA TP412U TP412 TP300 TP300L TP300LA TP300LD X553 X553M X553MA X553S
  • Fit for ASUS C202 C202S C202SA C300 C300M C300MA C300S C300SA C301SA C301S C301 X200 X200C X200CA X200M X200MA X202 X202E X201 X453MA X453SA E402MA E402M E402SA E402S E402NA E402N E403S E403SA E403N E403NA S200 S200E Q200 Q200E L402S L402SA L402M L402MA L402WA L402W L402 L402WA-EH21 R540SA R540S R540LA R540L R540NA R540N E203N E203NA E203NAH E203MAH E203MA E203M D553MA D553M X540 X540S X540L X540SA X540LA X540LJ X540NA X540N X540U X540UA X540UV X540Y X540YA Q302 Q302L Q302LA Q302U Q302UA UX303
  • [ Specification ] This universal laptop charger can replace most 65W 45W 33W Asus laptop.65W charger for Asus Laptop can be used for 3.0x1.1mm, 4.0x1.35mm, 4.5x3.0mm, 5.5x2.5mm charging connectors. Output DC: 19V~3.42A for 65W, 19V~2.37A for 45W, also compatible for 19V~1.75A 33W.
  • Certified by CE/FCC/RoHS; Our products strictly comply with industry standards and safety mechanisms built-in to protect your devices. This USB-C charger is eligible for new replacement or refund within 30 days and the manufacturer provides an additional 12 months warranty. LAP POW team always try best to provide better service to guarantee you have a good shopping experience..
  • LAP POW 65W USB-C laptop charger for Asus provide with constant and high efficient charging. Input Volt Range: AC 110V-240V 50-60Hz; Output Max: DC 5-20V 3/3.25A(compatible with 33W 45W 65W Max). It can charge any device with usb-c charging port, which need 33W 45W 65W AC adapter power. If you are not confident with your laptop model compatibility, please leave your questions in Q&A or contact us.
  • Compatible with Asus Chromebook Flip C302 C302CA C302SA C101 C101PA C204 C204MA C213NA C213SA C214 C214MA C223 C223NA C403 C403NA C423NA C425TA C433TA C434TA C436FA C536EA C523 C523NA, CM3200 CM5500 CX1400 CX5500, Transformer T302 T302CA T303 T303UA T305 T305CA
  • 💎Safety - Passed stringent safety tests to ensure you and your devices' safety.
  • Test all 4 different connectors in the package and get the one that fits your device.
  • 💻Compatible with Asus Laptop Vivobook Zenbook Series (See More Models as Listed)(Only for amperage equal or less than 3.42A).
  • Warranty: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee / 12 Months - Free Exchange
  • Replacement for ASUS  ZenBook Series UX21A UX31A UX32A UX42A UX31LA UX32 UX32A UX32V UX32VC UX32VD UX32VS U38 U38DT U38N UX42 UX42VS UX50 UX52 UX52VS UX301 UX301L UX301LA UX303UB UX303UA UX303LA UX303LB UX303LN UX331UN UX331U UX331 UX333F UX410 UX410U UX410UA UX410UQ UX430 UX430U UX430UA UX430UQ UX430UN UX433 UX433U UX433F UX433FL UX433FLC UX433FN UX433FA UX434 UX434F UX434FL UX434FLC UX434FA UX434FAC UX434FQ UX461UN UX461UA UX461U UX461
  • [ Specification ] This universal laptop charger can replace most 65W 45W 33W Asus laptop.65W charger for Asus Laptop can be used for 3.0x1.1mm, 4.0x1.35mm, 4.5x3.0mm, 5.5x2.5mm charging connectors. Output DC: 19V~3.42A for 65W, 19V~2.37A for 45W, also compatible for 19V~1.75A 33W.
  • 【Compatibility】VivoBook X401 X401A X401U X440L X450C X450CA X455L X455LA X501 X501A X502CA X550 X550C X550CA X550L X550LA X550LB X550LNV X550J X550JK X551 X551C X551CA X551M X551MA X551MAV X751MA X555D X555DA X555L X555LA X555Y Q301 Q301L Q301LA Q400 Q400A Q500A Q501 Q501LA Q502LA Q503UA S300 S300CA S400CA S500CA S550 S550C S550CA S550CM S551
  • 【Compatibility】Asus U46E U47A U50A U52F U56E S56CA K50I K50IJ K52F K53E K53U K55 K55A K60I N61J TP500L TP550LA D550CA D550M D550MA D550MAV F502CA F551M F555L F555LA F555UA K501UW K550CA K550LA R503U R510C R510CA R510L R554L UL30A V550C A52F A53E A53U A53S A54C A55A A55VD X55C X55D
  • 【Part Number】ADP-45BW B ADP-65BW B ADP-65DW B ADP-65GD B ADP-65JH BB ADP-65WH EXA0703YH EXA1203YH EXA1208UH PA-1700-02 PA-1650-01 PA-1650-66 PA-1650-78 PA-1650-93 0A001-00040500
  • Notebook AC Adapter Power Charger Supply Cord for Asus Q302 Q302L Q302LA Q302U Q302UA Q303 Q303U Q303UA Q304 Q304U Q304UA Q503 Q503U Q503UA Q504 Q504U Q504UA Q553 Q553U Q553UB
  • 100% Brand New, Input : AC 100-240V Output : 19V 1.75A-2.37A 45W/33W
  • 45w Laptop Charger Replacement for Asus UX360C X553M Q302L Q504UA Q304U S200E X201E X202E X541NA X542UA X540S X540SA X541N Q200E C202SA C300SA E402WA UX305F UX430U Notebook power supply cord
  • 【Compatibility】 : Compatible with Asus Chromebook (Flip) ADP-45EW B C101P C101PA C101 CT100P C223 C223N C223NA C213 C213S C213NA C214M CX22N CX22NA C202XA C203X C204 C204E C204EE C204M C204MA C213SA C214MA C302 C302C C302CA C302S C302SA Q325U Q325UA C403N C403NA C433TA C434TA C423 C423N C423NA C424 C424M C424MA C425TA C425T C425 C434 C433T C434T C436F C523 C523N C523NA C536E C536EA CX1500CN C536EA C523 C523N C523NA And More .
  • 【Warranty】: 30-day refund and 12-month warranty.Note: Amazon return windows will close after one month, don’t worry about it, you can click on seller store on right corner “ask a question” and contact seller directly for 12 month warranty.
  • 【Compatibility】: Compatible with Acer Chromebook Spin 311 315 CP311 CP315 CB311 CB315, Chromebook Spin 11 13 15 R13 314 CB314 511 512 514 CB514 713 CB713 714 CB714 715 CB715 CP311 CP713 SF713 SF714 C721 C732 C733 C771 C851 C933 R751 C933 R721 R751 N16Q12 N16Q14 N17Q5 N17Q8 N17Q9 N18Q1 N18Q2 N18Q5 N18Q12. P/N: PA-1450-78 A16-045N1A And more.

Asus laptop charger replacement


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