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We've tested these top-rated Best canadian bill counter from 4,812 reviews of customers in January 2023, which we believe will be helpful for you when making the decision. The following are the Best canadian bill counter from well-known brands: , Kolibri, Ribao technology, Cashtek, Aneken, Idletech, Cassida, Ponnor, Fledex, Gstar, Duesi, Royal sovereign, Clever productions, Super deal, Engindot.

Best canadian bill counter

According to our research, we think the Best canadian bill counter is . Scroll through the rest of our list and check out the buying guide if you're not sure what to look for!

TOP Choice #1

New! Polymer & Paper Canadian & USD Currency Bill Counter Plastic Money Banknote CAD

Brand: , Warranty: , Color: , Size:
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight: 8.00 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.8
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  • Built-in ultraviolet (UV) counterfeit detection system
  • External LED counter display included, Auto Differentiates between CAD and USD banknotes
  • Fully automatic, fast counting with auto-start, auto-restart, and batch counting mode functions
TOP Choice #2

Kolibri Money Counter Machine - 1,500 bills per min, advanced counterfeit detection, set up in minutes, Add and Batch Modes, Cash Counter with LCD Display,3-year warranty - 24/7 US customer support

Brand: Kolibri, Warranty: 3 Year Guaranteed with US based service, Color: , Size: 1-(Pack)
Height: 7.00 Inches, Width: 10.00 Inches, Length: 11.00 Inches, Weight: 9.90 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 9.6
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  • Detection: UV, half, double, and chain notes are all detected by the Kolibri money counter while counting 1,000 bills per minute.
  • Ease of use: automatic start, stop, and error clearing functions make money counting simple. High quality sensors and motor mean no continuous run time limits.
  • Quality: durable metal construction makes this bill counter easy to clean and maintain, and a straight bill path means fewer jams than the competition.
TOP Choice #3

Kolibri All-in-One Best Value Bank Grade Mixed Bill Money Counter Machine, Counterfeit Detection, Mixed Currency Counter. 3-Year Warranty US Company and Support Team

Brand: Kolibri, Warranty: , Color: , Size:
Height: 11.22 Inches, Width: 9.25 Inches, Length: 10.82 Inches, Weight:
ftb score rating icon 9.5
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  • More than just a money counter - Our most popular Bank Grade mixed denomination bill counter for mixed money, counterfeit detection, Money counter machine mixed bills. The sleek, compact design count at a speed of 1,200 bills per minute.
  • Peace of mind - Bill counter mixed denomination equipped with 11 advanced counterfeit detection methods using six sensors, the KBR-1500 image processing technology scan and detect both sides of each bill, flagging any suspected note.
  • Save time - No sorting needed. The KBR-1500 count mix bills at an incredible speed with flawless accuracy while verifying the authenticity and detecting counterfeit bills. Bill counter machine mixed denomination counts and reports the total value, clear breakdown of quantity and value by Denom, and serial number.
TOP Choice #4

RIBAO BC-40 Mixed Denomination Money Counter Machine, Value Counting, Bill Counter Multi Currency, CIS/UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Detection for Business

Brand: RIBAO TECHNOLOGY, Warranty: Manufacturer warranty for 2 years from date of purchase, Color: , Size:
Height: 11.30 inches, Width: 9.72 inches, Length: 11.81 inches, Weight:
ftb score rating icon 9.4
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  • ✅ ⌈ COMPACT SIZE AND PORTABLE ⌋: 3.5'' TFT touch screen on the front panel with a user-friendly interface. Supports value counting and counterfeit detection for USD, EURO, Canadian dollar, and Mexican peso at the time.
  • ✅⌈SMOOTH COUNTING⌋: Classic feeding system, high-quality friction nudge rubber roller produced in the United States, ensure smooth counting for different quality notes, no matter brand new or street quality. 【EASY DAILY CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE】: Open the passage from the rear side to clean the sensors and remove the jammed notes. Dust cover is also included in the package.
  • ✅ ⌈RELIABLE COUNTERFEIT DETECTION⌋: With UV, Magnetic sensor, Infrared sensor , and CIS, BC-40 provides the most cost-effective solution to protect your business and ensures your efficiency.

Cashtek N70 Money Counter Machine Mixed Denomination, Multi Currency Value Count, 2CIS/UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Detection, Serial Number Reading, Printer Enabled Cash Counter 2Yr Warranty

Brand: CASHTEK, Warranty: , Color: , Size:
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight:
ftb score rating icon 9.2
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  • ✅ Boost your Efficiency&Free your Hands: Mixed denomination money counter machine counts and reports total value, clear breakdown of quantity and value by Denomination. No need to presort the bills in advance, just throw every mixed pile of bills in the hopper and it gets a perfect count a few seconds later.
  • ✅ Guarantee & 100% Customer Satisfaction: Compact, low noise, 3.5 inch touch screen, user friendly menu makes your cash counting job as easy as possible; Two years quality protection, lifetime software upgrade and maintenance support. Available to upload the count data to your computer via serial cable. If you're facing any problem, you can contact our technical support in USA.
  • ✅ Accurate Count with CIS Technology: Equipped with one pair of colored image sensor, seeing through the bill like human eyes, the money counter recognizes the currency type and bill denomination automatically. Maximumly increases the accuracy of value counting. No matter brand new, slight ripped, worn or damaged banknotes.

Aneken Money Counter Machine with Value Count, Dollar, Euro UV/MG/IR/DD/DBL/HLF/CHN Counterfeit Detection Bill Counter, ValuCount, Add and Batch Modes, Cash Counter with LCD Display, 2-Year Warranty

Brand: Aneken, Warranty: 2-Year Warranty, Color: Silver, Size: 1-(Pack)
Height: 5.83 inches, Width: 8.82 inches, Length: 10.83 inches, Weight:
ftb score rating icon 9.0
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  • 💰【PACKAGING & WARRANTY】1 x AL-1000 Bill Counter, 1 x Power cord , 1 x Brush ,1 x External display, 1 x Spare parts, 1 x User manual, 4 x Currency Straps. We provide two-year warranty and lifetime technical support for the bill counter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will reply within 24 hours and provide the best service.
  • 💰【PROFESSIONAL & PRECISE DETECTION】Multiple detection modes can be used individually or simultaneously. When a bill is counterfeit/broken/non-magnetic/abnormal size, the LCD display of ANEKEN bill counting machine will show a red error code and sound an alarm.
  • 💰【RELIABLE & EFFICIENT】The efficient motor of the cash counting machine can count 1000 bills per minute. And the noise is less than 60dB.

IDLETECH BC-1500 Money Counter Machine with Counterfeit Detection, Bill Counter, Money Counter. UV/MG/IR/DBL/Half/Chain/DD, Value Calculation, Add, Batch Modes. Print Option. Bank Grade.

Brand: Idletech, Warranty: , Color: , Size:
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight:
ftb score rating icon 8.8
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  • ⭐ Detection : the money counting machine is equipped with precise security features to check whether passing bills are suspect counterfeit bills or genuine ones. Genuine notes consist of special security layers that can be checked by the BC-1500 money counter Magnetic, Ultraviolet, Infrared, optical sensors for MG ink, UV paint, paper quality, and thickness match with the authentic US dollars. The BC-1500 is the best bill counter machine choice for money handling needs.
  • ⭐ Modes: COUNT – to count the number of banknotes, checks or tickets; VALUE - choose the denomination you’re counting and the machine provides with multiplied result of it; ADD – the cash counting machine will keep in mind all the previous counts; BATCH – to strap the needed amount of bills; the modes can be used simultaneously.
  • ⭐ This bill counter is made of high-quality parts that will provide the user with long-term use and proper cash handling. The cash counter supplied with a DC motor power with a desired money counting speed (900, 1200, 1500 bills per minute) depending on the condition of the notes.

Cassida 5520 UV/MG - USA Money Counter with ValuCount, UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Detection, Add and Batch Modes - Large LCD Display & Fast Counting Speed 1,300 Notes/Minute

Brand: Cassida, Warranty: 1 Year Guaranteed with US based service, Color: , Size:
Height: 67.50 Inches, Width: 9.70 Inches, Length: 11.50 Inches, Weight: 11.90 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 8.6
Our Score


  • Counts 1,300 bills per minute,Specifications: Authenticates bills using ultraviolet (5520 UV) and magnetic (5520 UV/MG) sensors
  • Infrared sensors detect chain, double, and half notes,Dimensions unit: 10.9''w x 9.9''d x 6.2''h (277mm x 251mm x 157mm)
  • Snap-open front cover, self-diagnostic system, and self-lubricating bearings

Money Counter Machine PONNOR with Value Count, Dollar, Euro with UV/MG/IR/DD/DBL/HLF/CHN Counterfeit Detection, Bill Cash Counting, Large LCD Display

Brand: PONNOR, Warranty: 365, Color: Silver, Size: Regular
Height: 5.50 Inches, Width: 11.50 Inches, Length: 9.50 Inches, Weight:
ftb score rating icon 8.4
Our Score


  • 💰【3.7” Large LCD Display】With a built in 3.7” super large LCD screen, It can clearly display different data and greatly reduces the possibility of false counts. The external display provides dual views, allows customers from different angles to read data at any time. Of course you can hide this external screen at any time to brings you more convenience.
  • 💰【Innovative 12-keys design】12 keys provide a full set of numeric keyboards and 11 functions, including auto, manual, batch, add, value, currency, set, UV, IR, DD, MG. The numeric keys allow you to not only calculate fixed number of notes in batch functions, but you can freely set the number of notes you want to calculate.
  • 💰【Packaging & Warranty】1 x Bill Counter, 1 x Power cord, 1 x Brush, 1 x External display, 1 x Spare parts, 4 x Currency Straps, 1 x User manual. We provide a 2 years warranty and lifetime technical support. Please feel free to contact us by email for any product problems. We will reply within 24 hours and provide the best service.

Money Counter Machine with UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Detection, Portable Bill Counting Machine with Add & Batch Modes, LCD Display, 1,000 Bills/Min

Brand: FLEDEX, Warranty: , Color: , Size:
Height: 7.09 Inches, Width: 10.63 Inches, Length: 9.06 Inches, Weight:
ftb score rating icon 8.3
Our Score


  • 【LCD Display】money counter equipped with the latest LCD display technology has much more high-definition. Changing the operation mode and reading the amount of money are accurate and convenient. The external display provides dual views, suitable for churches, supermarkets, banks, hotels and businesses.
  • 【Counterfeit Money Detection Technology】MG (magnetic detection), UV (ultraviolet detection), IR (infrared detection) and MT (metal wire) are all core counterfeit money detection technology applied in this money machine. Relying on image identification technology and multi-optical analysis technology, accurately identification of counterfeit and residual banknotes can be easily done through detection of ink on paper, magnetic map, size, paper quality, thickness....ect.
  • 【7 Counting Modes to Choose】Common modes such as add, count and batch, etc.,are more convenient and quick to count money. In add mode, the machine can add multiple batches together to give you a total amount of bills; In batch mode, Set the machine to count bills in a batch of your choice. Automatic and manual mode of this money counter can be switch freely.

GStar Money Counter with UV/MG/IR Counterfeit Bill Detection Plus External Display with Warranty, American Brand, American Seller

Brand: GStar, Warranty: Comes with Full Manufacturer Warranty, Color: , Size:
Height: 6.75 Inches, Width: 9.50 Inches, Length: 9.50 Inches, Weight:
ftb score rating icon 8.2
Our Score


  • [What You Will Receive In Your Package]: 1 x GStar Bill Counter, 1 x Power cord, 1 x External display, 1 x Spare parts Set, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 1 x User manual. *** This machine does not distinguish denomination of the bills ***
  • [Powerful & Quiet]: Capable Of Working Continuous For Hours While Counting 1000 Bills Per Minute. Ultraviolet (UV), Magnetic (MG) And Infrared Sensors Helps to Detect Counterfeit Bills. This Money counter Operates With Noise Levels Less Than 60 dB.
  • [Efficient]: Accurate And Precise Sorting With A Miss Counterfeit Detection Rate of 1/100000.

Money Counter Machine, DUESI NX-700 Count Value of Dollar, UV/MG/IR/DD/DBL/HLF/CHN Counterfeit Detection Bill Counter, Vertical Design Prevent Fly Bills, 500 Bills Large Capacity with LCD Display

Brand: DUESI, Warranty: , Color: Silver, Size:
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight:
ftb score rating icon 8.0
Our Score


  • 【Safe to Use】We use UL certified external power adapter, which is much safer and easier to maintain.
  • 【ACCURATE COUNTING】Accurate & Precise Detection Ultraviolet And Magnetic Sensors Check For Suspect Bills And Stop Counting With A Clear Alert Message If A Suspect Bill Is Detected. Infrared Detectors Ensure Bills Are Counted Accurately And Avoid Errors Such As Chains, Double Bills, And Half Notes.
  • 【BLAZING SPEED】Efficient & Reliable Advanced And Reliable Money Counting With Blazing Speed– Up To 1,400 Bills Per Minute And Counterfeit Detection For An All-In-One Cash Processing Solution!

Royal Sovereign, RBC-ES200, High Speed Currency Counter, 1 Each, Black,Silver

Brand: Royal Sovereign, Warranty: 1 Year, Color: Black, Silver, Size: Medium
Height: 12.20 Inches, Width: 9.76 Inches, Length: 14.37 Inches, Weight: 12.10 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 7.8
Our Score


  • Easy-to-use operation ensures accurate counting of bills
  • High-speed design quickly counts and sorts large batches of bills
  • 3-phase detection notifies you when counterfeit bills are present

Business-Grade Money Counter Machine - Cash Counting Machine with 4" Display - Accurate Bill Counter with Serial Number, Counterfeit Detection - Multi-Currency, Single and Mixed Denomination Count

Brand: Clever Productions, Warranty: , Color: Black, Grey, Size: Large
Height: 15.30 Inches, Width: 13.50 Inches, Length: 13.50 Inches, Weight: 17.96 Pounds
ftb score rating icon 7.7
Our Score


  • 💲 Extensive Counterfeit Detection: our cash counter features UV, IR, magnetic sensors, size detection, and serial number recognition to ensure bill authenticity. The dual CIS technology detects both bill sides and guarantees accurate value counting.
  • 💲 Easy-To-Read 4-Inch Touch Display: the money counting machine comes with a premium 4" touch TFT display screen, allowing you to easily control the counter and monitor the total number of bills in the stack.
  • 💲 Upgrade Your Business Equipment With A High-Quality Cash Counter Machine: made of durable materials that will stand the test of time and regular use, this money counter machine is a must-own accessory for any small business, bank, or restaurant

SUPER DEAL Automatic Money Bill Counter Detector Display Currency Cash Counter Bank Machine, Banknote UV and MG Counterfeit Bill Detection (#1)

Brand: SUPER DEAL, Warranty: , Color: #1, Size:
Height: , Width: , Length: , Weight:
ftb score rating icon 7.6
Our Score


  • Efficient: Accurate and precise sorting with a miss counterfeit detection rate of 1/100000.
  • Powerful: Works up to 2 continuous hours while counting 999 bills per minute.
  • User friendly: Counts how many bills in the stack fast and accurately. Easy-to-read LED display and automatic self testing ability.

ENGiNDOT Bill Counter with UV/MG/IR/DBL/HLF/CHN/DD Image Counterfeit Detection, Large LED Display for Bill Counter with Abundant Accessories,Portable Handle- No Count Amounts (Silver)

Brand: ENGINDOT, Warranty: , Color: Silver, Size:
Height: 9.00 Inches, Width: 12.00 Inches, Length: 13.40 Inches, Weight:
ftb score rating icon 7.4
Our Score


  • Multiple Modes - Count, add, batch, and Add + Batch mode for various money counting needs which makes counting easier. In add mode, the machine can add consecutive batches of notes and provide the total number of bills.
  • ENGiNDOT Bill counter counts accurately & fast at a speed of 1000 bills per minute. The hopper capacity are 200 bills each. With the self-testing and all types of counterfeit detection features - Counts only the number of bills NOT the denomination
  • Precise Detection - UV - Ultraviolet, MG - Magnetic, and IR - Infrared detection systems for detecting counterfeit cash, ripped or damaged bills. All 3 can be used together or separately assuring the most accurate outcome.
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Best canadian bill counter

Best canadian bill counter
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