Best Heavy Duty Tarps

We've tested these top-rated Best heavy duty tarps from 4,314 reviews of customers in December 2022, which we believe will be helpful for you when making the decision. The following are the Best heavy duty tarps from well-known brands: Dry gear, Amazoncommercial, King-a-ma-jigs, Kotap, Cartman.

Sarah Susanka By, Sarah Susanka
  • FOR YOUR EXTRA HEAVY-DUTY PROTECTION AND APPLICATION NEEDS: 14 by 14 Weave (10-mil thick) for extreme weather, hurricane essentials, and job site condition, more durable and longer lasting for your heavy-duty needs, offering the best protection for valuables.
  • FINISHED SIZE: 15' 4" X 15' 6"; measurements will vary slightly. We highly recommend you buy based on FINISHED SIZE as this will be the closest measurement to the tarp you will receive. The FINISHED SIZE refers to the tarp's actual size after the edges have been folded, stitched, and sewn. The Cut Size refers to the size after being freshly cut before any finishing.
  • MULTIPLE PROTECTION OPTIONS - Choosing the right tarp for the use and occasion is key to the function and longevity of your tarp; Kotap offers three levels of protection: all-purpose lightweight, heavy-duty protection, and ultra-heavy-duty protection in a wide variety of sizes, weights, and colors. No matter what you need it for, we have the best tarp for all your needs.
  • ALL SEASON USE - Designed to perform in all different weather conditions, this all weather tarp is great for eliminating water, dirt or sun damage without wearing or rotting away!
  • HEAVY DUTY - Basic fabric weight 10oz canvas, finished fabric weight 12oz, thickness is 24mil which are water protective, durable, breathable, and won’t be torn easily.
  • ADDED RESISTANCES - The heavy duty tarps are reinforced with extremely durable patches at every grommet placement and corners using poly-vinyl triangles for greater durability.

Best heavy duty tarps


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Sarah Susanka By, Sarah Susanka