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We've tested these top-rated Best multimeter for homeowner from 11,592 reviews of customers in December 2022, which we believe will be helpful for you when making the decision. The following are the Best multimeter for homeowner from well-known brands: Fluke, Deasomiye, Astroai, Etepon, Elike, Btmeter, Suettla, Dhh, Fielect.

Nathaniel Hawthorne By, Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • TROUBLESHOOTING WITH Accuracy - This Multimeter has a sampling speed of 2 times per second; Built-in a backlight LCD display with 3 ½ digits (1999 count) 0.6”, and high polarity including negative and positive readings.
  • ENSURES SAFETY - Double ceramic fuse is anti-burn and protects from overloading.The silicone cover is able to protect the multimeter from failing damage and prevent electric shocks. And low battery indication will be displayed when battery power is low.
  • ADDITIONAL TIPS - This Multimeter is designed to troubleshoot a variety of automotive and household electrical problems safely and accurately. It’s a suitable tool if you want to do some household or commercial improvements whether DIYers or Hobbyists. (NOTE: This meter can not test AC Current; Ensure your multimeter is set to the correct setting before testing)
  • 【DOUBLE FUSE DOUBLE PROTECTION】 -- Built in F400mA/600V and F10A/600V explosion-proof ceramic double fuse tubes. The fuses can protect the multimeter effectively, which gives you double protection.
  • 【LARGE LCD SCREEN DISPLAY】 -- The digital multimeter is with auto polarity display, big screen, full visual, easy to read in weak light environment.
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】 -- You will have 1 x digital multimeter with battery inside and a full set of test leads. They will be a perfect and helpful combination for your testing & measuring works. 3 years warranty provided by ETEPON.
  • Continuity Test and Overload Protection: Designed to safely and accurately confirm the circuit conducts electricity with low voltage Indication and overload protection. Light alarm if detects the AC voltage or live wire.Shows "OL" on the LCD if overload.
  • Ture RMS Clamp Meter: the clamp meter can accurately measure AC/DC voltage, AC current,resistance,and also diode.True RMS is for accurate measurements on non-linear loads.
  • NCV Detection Function:Non-contact voltage detector effectively senses AC voltage and flashes without contact with any wires.
  • ⚡【Multifunction Pen Type Meter】Voltage Tester accurately measures AC volt 2V ~ 600V, DC volt from 200mV ~ 600V, resistance from 200 ohm ~ 20M ohm, continuity buzzer test,and built-in buzzer sounds if resistance is less than 50Ω.
  • ⚡【Data Hold Voltmeter】This pen meter can hold the electric data, and Auto Power OFF with “BEEP” warning after 15 minutes with no operation to save your battery. Low battery indicator, and comes with long life batteries
  • ⚡【High Accuracy Pen Multi-tester】Avg Accuracy of DC Voltage +/- 0.5% of readings + 2 digits, built with sharp high quality test lead
  • SMART MEASUREMENT: The smart multimeter can automatically identify AC/DC voltage, resistance and continuity. It is friendly to a novice user, you don't have to do anything
  • MULTI-FUNCTION & ACCURATE: Can highly accurately measure AC or DC voltage, capacitance, ambient temperature, frequency, resistance, continuity, diodes and more. A good helper for troubleshooting, easily solving household, automotive and industrial electrical issues without spending high service fees
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: This digital multimeter is small and thin, looks like a smart phone, allows you to switch all functions easily with one hand
  • Multi-function Digital Multimeter: Accurately measure AC/DC Voltage, Resistance, Continuity, Frequency, Capacitance, Diode, Temperature and so on. (Can not for AC current)You can enjoy all the advanced capabilities with one meter
  • Safety Guarantee: CAT III 600V, CE and RoHS certified. Anti-Burn with double fuses. This digital multimeter has overload protection on all ranges. Safely test hot/live wires with the red test lead
  • 9999 Counts TRMS: True RMS readings at 4x/S, and high sampling speed(3 times/sec) , safely measure DC voltage up to 600V. enable you to confidently diagnose automotive, industrial, and household electrical issues.
  • 【Application】 - The analog multimeter is suitable for the maintenance of various colleges and universities, mechanical maintenance, communication, electric power, and circuit equipment
  • 【Features】- The volt meter tester has a clear dial, accurate calibration, clear measurement results, and high efficiency; voltage and current testing, voltage and current can be tested without the need for normal battery installation
  • 【Function】- The multimeter measures AC current, AC and DC voltage, DC resistance, and also provides diode test, battery power test, temperature measurement, capacitance measurement, LI measurement, load voltage measurement, infrared remote control detection, etc

Best multimeter for homeowner


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Nathaniel Hawthorne By, Nathaniel Hawthorne