Long Extension Cord

We've tested these top-rated Long extension cord from 13,749 reviews of customers in December 2022, which we believe will be helpful for you when making the decision. The following are the Long extension cord from well-known brands: Yard master, Ultrapro, Woods, Ge home electrical, Philips accessories, Amazon basics, Clear power, Go green power inc., Dewenwils.

Shruti Swamy By, Shruti Swamy
  • Power More – Easily convert 1 outlet into 3 grounded, 3-prong outlets to plug in more electronics at a single, convenient location.
  • GE is in extension cords and surge protectors.
  • Flat Plug Extension Cord – Keep furniture and media close to the wall with the low-profile flat plug at the end of this power strip. The angled plug allows for this surge protector to be plugged into the receptacle without blocking the other outlet.
  • Power More – Extend the use of your wall outlet and brighten the holidays with the Philips Power Strip with its 3 polarized outlets with slide to close safety outlets
  • Stylish – The white finish of this power strip blend seamlessly into your holiday décor
  • Extended Reach – The 15 ft. extension cord gives you the freedom to plug in devices from almost anywhere in your home or office
  • RELIABLE POWER: 20 foot Amazon Basics extension cords for extending power when you need it most
  • FOR INDOOR USE: Designed for use indoors with consumer electronics, tools, media equipment and more
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Reliable construction with flexible vinyl cord sheath and durable plug connector housing
  • Heavy-Duty – Double-insulated cord and one-piece molded plug provide extra durability while vinyl jacket protects against moisture, dust and dirt to improve longevity.
  • Extended Reach – Extra-long 25ft. cord is great for tools, like hand drills and jig saws, requiring an extended reach.
  • Safe – This unit is UL Listed and is backed by the highest industry standards of safety and performance. UltraPro is the #1 brand in extension cords and surge protectors.
  • Nickel coated brass blades won't corrode which helps prevent arcing
  • Agency tested and certified for use in the USA & Canada
  • GROUNDED plug and connector 10Amps/125Volts/1250Watts
  • Outlet Extension Cable: The unit is recommended for indoor usage, with a maximum of 13 amps, 125 volts, 1625 watts. The cord has two power outlets on one side, and another one on the other side.
  • 15 Foot Extension Cord: The powerful extension cord is 15 feet long. Fantastic for small home appliances and household electronics. The service cord attached to the unit is constructed of a 16-gauge SPT-3 cable housed in a durable PVC insulation and jacket.
  • Triple Outlet Extension Cord: The extension cord consists of a three pronged plug which is grounded for safety, giving it a sturdy build and making it easy and safe to use, along with three power adaptor outlets.
  • Durable & Flexible Cord - the SPT-3 insulated grounded wire enhances the safety, unique material keeps the flexibility, certified to ETL
  • Space-saving Design - save your space with the flat plug, ideal for use in tight spaces or behind the furniture
  • 3 Grounded Outlets - Each extension cord delivers 3 grounded 3-prong outlets in the front and back side, perfect for areas with few outlets

Long extension cord


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Shruti Swamy By, Shruti Swamy