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We've tested these top-rated Nintendo ds rom games from 28,366 reviews of customers in December 2022, which we believe will be helpful for you when making the decision. The following are the Nintendo ds rom games from well-known brands: Shengang, 2k, Disney interactive studios(world), Activision, Thq, Nova development us, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Disney.

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TOP Choice #3 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - Nintendo DS
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Disney Interactive Studios(World)
  • A "pawsome" good time for all kids six and up
  • Decorate your home, play games, plant trees or just chat with friends
  • Varied gameplay alternating fast paced time-based arcade games, construction simulation games, landscaping simulation games and challenging quests.
  • What are your favorite animals? You'll get to treat them all, including dogs, cats, horses, birds, and more.
  • Become the best vet and you'll grow your business into the biggest pet clinic in town!
  • Design your own clinic! Choose what kennels to build and expand existing buildings to provide more services to your patients.
  • Scholastic I Spy Universe (Nintendo DS)
  • Explore and learn about different animal habitats from savannah grasslands, to undersea coral reefs
  • Build rescue vehicles including submarines, hang gliders, off-road trucks and snowmobiles
  • Run, jump, and climb your way through an exciting Mega Bloks inspired world
  • 15 chapters in the story each with multiple scenes and mini-games
  • Puzzle-solving challenges compel you to watch your inventory and use your mind!
  • Waterline progression gives each scene a different look as time passes
  • DSi specific features digital photos and puzzle play that the hilarious King Julien will comment on
  • Complete tons of stealth missions venturing through 3 outlandish game episodes, each with their own story
  • Help the Penguins to use useful tools, gadgets and their acrobatic abilities to advance in the game
  • All-new interactive objects and hands-on sleuthing like dusting for finger prints
  • Delve into the latest evolution of search-and-solve fun
  • Include multi-player options and game-sharing DS Download Play

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